Key Industries

Advanced Manufacturing
Wilsonville's largest business cluster is in advanced manufacturing.  We have a large number of cutting-edge companies that integrate new innovative technologies into their products and processes in order to add value.  Advanced manufacturing accounts for more than 10% of all private-sector jobs in Oregon.  As of 2011 Oregon had 3,373 advanced manufacturing firms, with 88,888 employees, at an average wage of $46,825.

“Oregon was just recognized as the best state in the nation for manufacturing by the American Institute for Economic Research. With a focus on quality and adding value in advanced manufacturing products, Oregon has developed and maintained a skilled workforce ready for the modern manufacturing environment.” Source:  Business Oregon

Clean Technology
Wilsonville has an emerging clean technology cluseter fueled by Oregon Tech.  Oregon Tech offers a Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Renewable Energy Engineering (MSREE)  at it's Wilsonville campus.  The MSREE program is the first of its kind in the United States and offers coursework in  photovoltaics, energy management and auditing, wind power, biofuels, renewable-energy transportation systems, green building and fuel cells.

"The Renewable Energy curriculum prepares graduates for engineering careers in the energy sector in general, and the renewable energy in particular". Source:  Oregon Tech

Food Manufacturing & Distribution
Value-added food processing is a key component of Oregon's manufacturing industry.  Wilsonville's cluster of food manufacturing and distribution companies transforms fresh, high-quality food products into value-added products for distribution locally, regionally, and around the globe.

General Warehousing, Distribution & Logistics
Wilsonville's location on I-5 and airport access has led to the City's long history as a warehousing and distribution hub for numerous companies in the Pacific Northwest.
Medical Products Manufacturing & Distribution
In recent years, medical products manufacturing and distribution have begun to emerge as their own distinct cluster in Wilsonville.

Software & Technology
Software and technology represent Wilsonville's second largest cluster including businesses in the fields of switching technology, connectors, optics, data storage, automation systems, imaging, communication and aviation solutions, navigational software and design automation.