Incentives to Relocate or Expand in Wilsonville
Wilsonville works with businesses considering a location or expansion in the City. Financial incentives are determined, in large part, by the capital investment of a new project, new job creation, and average employee compensation. These incentives generally apply to traded-sector companies--those that sell their products or services outside of Oregon--and thereby increase the state’s economic base.

Wilsonville's Tax Increment Financing Zones (TIF Zones)
Wilsonville has established six Tax Increment Finance Zones that provide partial property tax rebates to qualifying businesses.  TIF Zones offer businesses a rebate of up to 75 percent of the property tax increment (growth) resulting from their qualifying investment in a TIF Zone property. The remaining 25 percent of the property tax increment is shared with the taxing districts.
  1. A business must make a qualifying capital investment of $25 million or more, and create 75 new, permanent, full-time jobs.
  2. To qualify for a 3-year rebate, the jobs must pay 125 percent of the average Clackamas County wage.
  3. To qualify for a 5-year rebate, the jobs must pay 150 percent of the average Clackamas County wage.
  4. If no qualifying capital investment is made in the first 5 years, the TIF Zones will be closed.
  5. The TIF Zones will terminate 10 years after the first rebate, which makes the maximum possible lifespan 15 years.
  6. A business may qualify for more than one rebate period if they meet the criteria again for new investment and job creation.
Oregon Incentives Business-Oregon
The State of Oregon, through the Oregon Business Development Department, offers a number of financing solutions for businesses. Descriptions of some of the most commonly used funding for expanding businesses and traded-sector companies looking to relocate to Oregon can be found at Business Oregon's website, along with information on the more significant or common incentives that offset income tax for businesses in Oregon.
TIF Zones
Tax Increment Financing Zones
  1. 27255 SW 95th Avenue
  2. 9805 SW Boeckman Road
  3. 29899 SW Boones Ferry Road
  4. 25600 SW Parkway Center Drive
  5. 26755 SW 95th Avenue
  6. Building 83 - 26440 SW Parkway Avenue