Reliable Utilities

Natural gas, electricity, and water service are extremely reliable in Wilsonville; rates are competitive with other communities in the Portland region and with locations out of state.

Oregon’s electricity prices are 23% below the national average. Hydroelectric power provides nearly 60% of Oregon’s electricity. About 30% is produced from natural gas, and wind and wood combined provide another 7% of the state’s electricity supply. 

Source: Institute of Energy Research


Portland General Electric (PGE) which has two substations and a maintenance / operation facility located in the City, offers outstanding electrical power reliability and a range of services designed to help consumers save time, money and energy.   PGEs rates are available online.

Natural Gas

Northwest Natural Gas (NWNG) provides clean, reliable, and efficient natural gas to our community.

Water, Sewer, Streetlights, Stormwater, & Road Maintenance

Wilsonville’s Willamette River Water Treatment Plant is a state-of-the-art facility with extensive capacity to accommodate future growth. The plant provides water service for both business and residential use.

In 2009, the City initiated a major expansion of its Wastewater Treatment Plant to add capacity for future development. Residential and commercial utility service fees are adopted by resolution, as determined and approved by city council. The City provides billing and collection administration for all City utilities including water, sewer, stormwater, street lights, and road maintenance services.

Communications & Cable TV

For Wilsonville residents living south of the Willamette River, communication services are provided primarily by CenturyLink. North of the river, Frontier Communications (formerly Verizon), and a host of CLEC providers offer comprehensive, secure, reliable, and high quality communications to the City.

Both Comcast and Frontier Communications offer digital cable in Wilsonville for all residents north of the Willamette River. South of the river, residents can receive cable TV services from CenturyTel.

Garbage & Recycling

As the second largest hauling company in North America, Allied Waste provides local garbage and household curbside recycling. Additional recycling services for the greater Portland metropolitan area are provided by Metro.