Location & Transportation

Wilsonville’s location and transportation infrastructure support faster, easier, more cost-effective transportation providing our executives and products with easy access to regional, national and global markets.

Interstate Access

Wilsonville is located on I-5, approximately two miles from I-205, and 27 miles from 1-84.

City's Online Mapping System

www.WilsonvilleMaps.com, has links to maps and data with an easy to use web-based tool for looking up commonly requested information such as property details, hazards, aerial photos, zoning, parks, transit, and environmental information.
Major Cities Within 1,500 Miles of Wilsonville
  • Seattle, WA - 191 miles
  • Vancouver, BC - 331 miles
  • Boise, ID - 446 miles
  • San Francisco, CA - 618 miles
  • Salt Lake City, UT - 783 miles
  • Los Angeles, CA - 945 miles
  • Las Vegas, NV - 965 miles
  • Denver, CO - 1,275 miles
  • Phoenix, AZ - 1,318 miles
Air Service
The Portland International Airport, ranked the number one best airport in the nation for 2013 by Travel + Leisure Magazine, is located 30 miles and 35 minutes from Wilsonville. The airport served 14.7 million travelers in 2012 and had direct connections to major airport hubs throughout the United States including non-stop international flights to Canada, Japan, and the Netherlands.    

The Aurora airport, the third busiest airport in Oregon just behind Portland International and Portland-Hillsboro, is located four miles south of Wilsonville. The Aurora airport is primarily a general aviation airport with significant business aviation.

The Port of Portland operates our marine terminals moving over 17 million tons of cargo each year with $15.4 billion in imports and exports each year.

Many of our region’s major industries rely on the rail system for efficient delivery of goods. The freight rail system is particularly critical in providing efficient connections to markets beyond the state’s borders, and to the world through seaports on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. Wilsonville is served by the Portland and Western Railroad with additional service in the Portland region provided by Union Pacific.